DPS Play School follows a partially Montessori syllabus. It has been designed especially for the children’s overall development. We are one step ahead of the others as we tap that extra potential in our kids. Every child is encouraged to take part in all the activities and a very personal and continuous rapport is maintained with the parents.
Grade 1 to 5 follows the CBSE curriculum with extreme care given to handwriting, mannerisms, morals, values and spoken English.
The little ones spend most of their time in the Montessori area where they learn to bead, tie their shoelaces, polish their shoes, mop and pour solids to solids. They also learn about sound and weight, dimensions etc, with hands on material.

The play school curriculum, nursery school curriculum & the kindergarten curriculum offers a perfectly balanced overall growth environment with holistic approach including all the important aspects of the growing up years physical and motor ,language, cognitive, socio-emotional, personal, sensorial skills and development of creative and aesthetic appreciation.